Moment Paintings

These are random scenes I paint on my free time.  I plan to compile them into separate stories or a book someday.  The last two ones about space flight were in my first artbook Robotnicc1, a self-published book I released back in 2015.   

Plein Air 067.jpg
Nicc Quack.jpg

As seen in Robotnicc 1.  

Also included in Robotnicc 1!  I've always been fascinated about space exploration and this is one of the pieces I made inspired by it.

Automobile Paintings

Speed Paint 014.jpg
Speed Paint 006.jpg
Speed Paint 012.jpg
Speed Paint 005.jpg
Speed Paint 008.jpg
Speed Paint 010.jpg

Food Paintings

Speed Paint 007.jpg
Speed Paint 015.jpg
Speed Paint 018.jpg

Tech Paintings

3d Art