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Pirates of the Caribbean:  Isles of War



Bakery Blitz

Saga maps for RockYou's cooking game Bakery Blitz!  The whole game takes place in a fictional place where all the lands you visit with your airship are all floating islands.  The style was set to be mostly flat, inspired a bit by midcentury modern cartoons.  

Bakery Blitz logo is designed by Kelly Kusumoto.

Art Director -  Charles Suwannaporn. 
Art Lead -  Ubin Li 

Kitchen Scramble

These are saga map illustrations done for the mobile game Kitchen Scramble.  Each land had its own theme bassed on an existing place or event.  There also had to be a huge presence of food structures or landmarks on them.

These maps shared pretty much the same loose 2-point perspective and had to flow as seamlessly as possible into each other.  The roads later contained level dots and some UI elements went over the upper and lower parts of the screen.  This is where the player selects whichever level they wanna play or replay during the course of the game.

 Ambient map animations (not shown) were added by Benjamin Paras.

Art Directors :  Charles Suwannaporn 

Art Lead:  U-bin Li


Animal Collection Game Concepts (Cancelled Game)

This was a bunch of concepts for another game pitch for our studio.  This time,  it's an animal collection game inspired by Kleptocats.

A seagull,  a cat,  an alligator,  a narwhal,  a fox, and an elephant were selected for the style exploration. This batch was the one that got the most attention, since we potentially could've done lowpoly  models of them in 3d, once the game was greenlit.

  Style 2 was all about soft shading and softer shapes.

Style 3 was supposed to look more like blocky children's toys.  

This collage is a bunch of styles and environments we were pitching for the different planets.  I included some tropical planets,  a barren fossil planet,  some calm peaceful park-like ones,  and a archaeological dig planet with some ruins.

These were a batch of ship interior and  upper ship deck since we were also pitching that the animals could be space pirates that go to other worlds to collect random stuff that they liked.  

The collage above are a couple of styles we eventually used for the pitch.  I was channeling some Animal crossing vibes with  all the patterns on the different objects and surfaces.  The row Ahad more of a layered perspective look and row B broke more perspective rules and was more flat, but was hopefully more readable once the scene got cluttered with the collected objects. 


Lab Zero Games

Skullgirls Cleanup Animation (Click static pics to play animations.)

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Click to play animation.  Opens a new window.

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Click to play animation.  Opens a new window.